Reservation and Ticketing management solution



A modern cloud-based Reservation adn Ticket management solution for intercity and shuttle bus companies.


AMCO has developed this advanced platform to liberate ground travel operators and permit them to focus on their real goals that is to increase sales and profits, operate more efficiently and improve passenger's experience. Amfare is a secure, reliable, cost effective reservation and ticketing solution.

Amfare supports different sales channels, different ticket materials and smart card fare products, loyalty scemes, includes advanced inventory and revenue management modules. Operators are able to expand their 3rd party network by adding new resellers easily and fast.

Amfare offers an efficient booking flow which allows the passenger to choose easily his destination at the right price. From an operational perspective, this system is ideal for tracking accurate ridership and preventing fraud. 

Key Features

  • Advanced Inventory Management
  • Advanced revenue management and reporting
  • Parcel management
  • Account-based ticketing and open payments
  • Reserved and open tickets offers
  • Smart card and paper tickets
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Different passenger types (adult, student, etc)
  • Various pricing mechanisms ( Market, Zone, Distance, Fixed and Percentage prices)

Amfare Backend



and Capacity


Easy configuration:

  • Fleet
  • Branches
  • Routes & Stops
  • Pick-up and Drop-off points
  • Timetable
  • Seat availability &layout configuration


  • Dynamic reporting
  • Device Monitoring
  • Advanced transaction, on-board ticket validation and reconcilation management
  • Smart card & key management
  • Fraud management for smart cards and QR tickets
  • Support of customer accounts and loyalty scemes
  • Personalized cards for monthly or other period passes
  • Vouchers
  • Easy ticket cancellation and modification



  • Support for different fare products with duration or not
  • Support of single, return or open return tickets with different fare
  • Different passenger types (i.e. adult, child, senior etc.)
  • Differentiates fares by sales channels (for example mobile and/or e-tickets can be cheaper than on-board tickets)
  • Configurable prices, rules & conditions per sale channel and/or way of ticket payment
  • Fares for discount products