Human Resources

Human resources constitute a significant success factor for Amco. The company regards the continuous effort to train and advance the capabilities of its employees as high priority in order to maintain its leading position in providing high technology solutions and implementing IT and telecommunications projects in general. Its primary aim is to offer a challenging and rewarding working environment in which cooperation, openness and continuous growth are encouraged.  

All staff at Amco keep abreast of international developments in technology and manufacturing, and successfully undertake, deliver and support high-standard applications which fulfill the specialized requirements of business enterprises and public-sector organizations.  The company has managed to create and sustain a supportive environment of dynamic knowledge focusing on continuous investment on employee training and career development.

Human resources distribution by educational background: 

The company employs talented and skillful people specializing on electronics, telecommunications, software engineering and marketing.The fact that nearly 70% of Amco employees are University graduates clearly reflects the high level of the company's Human Resources.