Led Displays

Amco offers a wide range of LED Displays, from monochrome single-line displays to multi-color boards of different sizes for indoor or outdoor use. Consulting, planning, manufacturing, assembly and after sales service are provided to our customers  in order to fulfil the specific requirements of their enteprise. Some of  the applications of our products are displays for public information in cities, displays for promotional and advertising purposes, electronic clocks – thermometres, LED crosses for pharmacies, electronic prices for gas stations etc

Amco’s LED displays are the perfect marketing tool both for small and larger companies offering significant competitive advantage in sales. Hundreds of businesses that have selected Amco’s LED displays as promotional means have increased both their sales and clientele. 

Some of the advantages:

- Lower cost of purchase compared to other marketing tools
- Long life-cycle (longer than 12 years)
- Perfect readablility of an information in every lightning conditions
- Easy wired or wireless setting of messages
- Attracts the attention of consumer audiences due to its brightness and rapidly changing information texts
- Unintermittent function at low cost 24-hours a day, seven days a week
- Promotes a wide range of products and services, and allows the introduction of special offers any time
5 reasons to buy an Amco LED Display:

- Both software and hardware are produced in the company’s own plant ensuring top quality and attractive prices
- Raw materials used in our production (eg LED, adaptors) are purchased by companies of international status
- Amco’s production lines are equipped with advanced technology assembly and quality control machines
- Amco’s production is in compliance with all ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 requirements. 
- Efficient after-sales support to customers