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Smart City Project at Municipality of Ioannina

A new smart city project is currently being implemented by AMCO at the Municipality of Ioannina. 

The project includes the supply, installation, configuration and commissioning of an integrated on-street smart parking management system using wireless sensors, as well as an integrated system for issuing and managing police tickets with tablets and mobile printers.

All the system data will be stored in the central management software, which will be based on modern cloud technologies and will allow the remote management of the system while, at the same time, will provide continuous and up-to-date information for the municipality officers.

Moreover, the new system will offer great benefits to the drivers looking for a free parking space, because they will be able to search in real-time and navigate to an available space, using a mobile application, thus reducing the unnecessary driving and the time required to find a parking space.

The project is expected to significantly improve the quality of life of citizens, reduce the traffic jam problems, protect the environment and increase the productivity of municipal police officers.