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AMCO awarded an AVL/PIS project for the new vehicles of Athens TRAM

AMCO has been awarded the provision of on-board equipment and the application development for the new twenty-five «Citadis XO5» trams in Athens - as a subcontractor of the multinational Alstom Transport, the manufacturer of the new tram vehicles.

AMCO will supply the required on-board computers, driver displays and communication devices for the new trams, while will also design and implement the software application that will integrate the

equipment with the existing AVL/PIS backend system as well as with Alstom’s train control and monitoring system (TCMS). The application will communicate with the OCC through 4G and TETRA and will provide an automatic priority request system for the point machines and the traffic lights of the TRAM network, in order to implement the “Green Wave” policy which is already applied in Athens TRAM.

The initial trial run on the actual line network is expected to begin in August 2020, when the first of the new trams is being delivered.