Passenger Information Systems

Modern life in urban environments in combination with citizens’ rising transportation needs have turned integrated transport systems into high priority. Passengers should have precise and punctual information in real time at the bus stops and terminal stations or on the train platforms so that public means of transport become more user-friendly, and citizens are encouraged to use them on a regular basis instead of their private vehicles. This change will contribute significantly to the introduction of sustainable models of public transport, the decongestion of traffic networks in cities, the reduction of emissions and the protection of the urban environment in general.

Aligned to the contemporary demands public transport, Amco designs and manufactures a wide range of passenger information products and offers cost effective and tailored solutions.

More than 5000 buses boast our destination signs and interior next-stop displays, and hundreds Amco bus stop displays have been in operation fault-free even under severe weather conditions during the last decade.

Amco’s Range Of Products Includes:


- Intelligent Bus & Tramway Stop Displays
- Bus Station Displays
- Railway Platform Displays
- Information Kiosks

- LED Destination Signs
- Interior LED Displays
- Multimedia TFT Interior Displays
- Voice Announcement

Some of our Products are:
- AM21EX10 On Board TFT Display

LED Bus Stop Displays

Precise and punctual information in real time
  • High energy efficiency and high brightness LED technology
  • Aesthetic design
  • Modular design according to customer needs
  • Single or double sided with an angled front face
  • Weather and vandal resistant housing

Platform LCD Displays

The attractive and innovative passenger information solution
  • Full matrix display combining graphical and alphanumerical information
  • Aesthetic design suitable for train platforms or bus stop terminals
  • Excellent visibility in all lighting conditions
  • Ease of maintenance with sliding mechanisms

Solar-powered LCD displays

The eco-friendly, economical and innovative passenger information solution
  • Solar-powered LCD display
  • Excellent visibility in all lighting conditions
  • Full autonomous year round operation
  • Aesthetic design
  • Weather and vandal resistant casing