Bike Sharing

Bike sharing systems are a widely accepted trend internationally. These are systems which make bicycles available for shared use to individuals.
Bike sharing systems are a great way to reduce pollution in the city and improve the health of their users enabling economic growth and environmental conservation. Bikes have gained popularity as a means of transport as they require minimal parking space, have the ability to move off-street, contribute significantly to reduce congestion and ecological problems.
AMCO SA offers an integrated bike sharing solution for which the rental stations are installed quickly and easily to any place selected by the Municipality.

Bike Sharing Station Components

•    Metal construction where the electromechanical locks are installed.
•    Anti-vandal kiosk with color TFT touch screen for easy interaction and credit card reader for bike rental by non-subscribed customers.
•    Anti-vandal electromechanical lock with RFID reader. Also, every bike has an RFID chip, so the system can check if the returned bike is the same with the one rented.
•    Bikes especially designed for hard use in the city roads.
•    Back-office software for stations and payments management.

Means of Payment

•    Infokiosk using a credit card
•    Smart Card


•    Minimizing car usage in the city centers
•    Reducing the transportation costs
•    Less pollution and noise
•    Health improvement
•    Fast moving for small distances in the city