Public Transport

Mobility is a vital need for every community nowadays but it has also become a rather complicated affair due to growing economic, social and environmental challenges. There is a great need for more dynamic and flexible transport systems to enable fast and reliable transfers, up-to-date information to both passengers and transportauthorities and smart but easy to-use -applications. Current surveys around the world show that the most important criteria for the majority of commuters are quality, visibility and simplicity. Knowing that the image and appeal of a transportation system depend on these basic factors, Amco develops and markets intelligent mobility solutions to meet new passenger and community expectations.

Amco was established by a group of engineers passionate about enhancingmobility systems. We are constantly looking for ways to introduce systems which are faster, more accessible, more comfortable, greener and ever more responsive to both commuters and transport operators’ needs.

Thanks to our technical know-how and expertise we manufacture develop high standard products to optimize travel experience and facilitate the operational processes. We believe that our success lies in recording and evaluating individual requirements. This means that transport companies are able to reach their targets and increase ridership.