Know Our Power

Amco regards quality as the key to achieving excellence in every component of its processes. In order to ensure that the product or service is appropriate for the required time and conditions, and that the process is always being refined and improved, Amco places great emphasis on:
- highly-trained staff
- total organisation
- state-of-the-art equipment
- cutting-edge knowledge in project development and management

In order to maintain high quality standards, reliability and competitive cost for its solutions, Amco has invested in a highly specialized electronics laboratory where products undergo severe quality testing . We also maintain our own QA department, which is independent of all other departments.

Every product and even spare parts are tested using a wide array of diagnostic tools. Amco has also established and maintains certifications for Quality (ISO 9001:2015) and Environmental  Management (ISO 14001:2015), and has incorporated quality assurance in all relevant processes. The combination of in-house manufacturing and quality assurance in all stages of product development ensure long-term durability and high availabilty in all our systems and spare parts.