Outdoor Payment Terminals for petrol stations (OPT)

AMCO SA manufactures Outdoor Payment Terminals (AMCO OPT) to be installed in petrol stations. These terminals are easy to use with user-friendly menus and allow drivers to buy fuel for their vehicle without requiring the physical presence of the staff.

The payment terminals have a high brightness color, anti-vandal 15' touch screen, through which the customer can easily carry out a transaction, with the help of user-friendly options.

The payment terminals offer a continuous and uninterrupted 24 hours, 7 days a week, without requiring the physical presence of the staff
Also, the OPT’s multimedia screen gives the opportunity to display promotional offers of the store.

The basic technical characteristics of the AMCO OPT’s are :

- Charming steel construction with multi-point lock and alarm.
- High quality Banknote reader, controlling counterfeit notes and zero number of jams.
- Certified I & II EMV credit card acceptance device with keypad.
- Built-in printer with zero jams and convenient paper loading.
- Supports up to 38 customer service points.
- Integrated industrial computer and operating system for outdoor use.
- Exterior lighting for the payment terminal
- Dimensions (H x W x D): 1750mm x 600mm x 550mm
- Operating Temperature:-25oC to +60C
- Operating Humidity: 0-95%

Additional equipment based on model selection:

- Smart card reader (contactless) to support prepaid customer cards, membership cards, fleet management cards for point collection, etc.
- Certified EMV II credit card acceptance device with keypad.
- Coin acceptor with minimum number of jams.
- Mechanism to give change 1-6 types of coins
- Ability to recycle 1-3 notes thus to attain greater autonomy with less money in the device! These devices have their own banknotes lock box and removable cashbox.
- Ability to install cameras and motion detector
- Speaker voice support - Audio messages
- Uninterruptible Power Supply - UPS
- Monitor software offered for remote control
- Ability to connect to the store’s security system
- Status notification and security alarm by SMS or email


There are 4 models of vending machines: OPT-Basic, OPT-Basic Card, OPT-Advance, OPT-Ultimate.


Remote monitoring of sales, income and alarm system.

The monitoring software monitors the payment terminal:

- reports lists of error situations (Low paper etc).
- Can send these statements by sms or by email to multiple recipients.
- Configure and manage the opt settings (adding pumps, fuel users).
- Can restart the opt or turn it off
- Offer sales reports for the opt.
- Displays the status of available coins and banknotes.


                                  For more information about OPT products please call AMCO SA sales department.