Off-Street Parking Management System

Effective management of an off-street parking station requires to address the following issues:

  • Automated access control of the vehicles.
  • Provision of alternative means of parking fees payment to the drivers.
  • Reduction of personnel required to operate the parking.

AMCO SA has developed an integrated off street parking management system which offers the optimal and most advantageous solution to the above issues.

The system consists of the following software and hardware which interoperate as an integrated platform that ensures the successful management of an off-street parking station:

  • Ticket dispenser machine. This device is installed at the entrance of the parking station and it is activated automatically when the vehicle approaches the area. The driver is directed by visual and audio messages, and issues a ticket just by pressing a button. The terminal is equipped with a color TFT-LCD screen.
  • LPR camera at parking entrance. The camera reads the license plate number of the vehicle using OCR technology and sends it automatically to the management software. The number is stored in the system and at the same time is printed on the ticket.
  • Electric barrier that automatically opens when the drivers receives his ticket and allows the entrance of the vehicle in the parking station.
  • Pay & display machine which is installed in the parking station and allows the automatic payment of parking fee using coins, notes and credit cards by reading the driver’s entry ticket. The machine is equipped with a color touch screen for easy interaction with the driver and with heavy-duty thermal printer for the receipts.
  • Cashier software and hardware (POS, barcode reader, RFID reader-writer, thermal printer) used for manual payment of parking fees as well as for the issuing of subscribers cards.
  • Back-office management software, which manages all means of payment and generates statistical reports. The software also provides extra functionality for the management of the subscribed customers.
  • Ticket reading terminal at the exit of the parking station. Before leaving the parking station, the driver inserts his ticket into the terminal. The terminal reads the ticket and validates the payment of the parking fee.
  • LPR camera at parking exit. The camera reads the license plate number of the vehicle using OCR technology, combines it with the ticket in order to validate that the driver entered and left with the same vehicle and sends a command to open the exit barrier of the parking station.
  • Electric barrier that automatically opens immediately after the successful validation of parking fee payment and allows the exit of the vehicle from the parking station.

The system supports barcode (1D and QR-Code) and RFID technology tickets
as well as issue and management of subscriber cards.

For better results, the system can be combined with a parking guidance system, which includes equipment and software used in order to inform in real time about the availability of parking station.