Amco designs and delivers systems with a strong commitment to quality and innovation.Our goal is to provide complete packages of solutions tailor made to customer needs at
every step of the way from installation and operation processes to maintenance services. To ensure that our solutions are highly efficient we keep all production processes at our hands and remain independent of sub-suppliers wherever possible.
All Amco’s products are designed and manufactured in our own production facilities where teams of mechanical, electronic and software engineers mind over all the details of product development. Along with our highly trained staff, extensive investments in state-of-the-art equipment make sure that we offer our customers sophisticated solutions at optimal cost. Amco’s high technology machinery covers all necessary phases to produce and deliver products starting from the pcb assembly and inspection,temperature and humidity endurance, color uniformity for electronic displays and emi testing.

This way we are able to conduct quality tests, proceed to changes and retest our products’ performance at every phase. Each and every Amco product undergoes thorough functional testing for at least 48 hours. Throughout this period of time all electronic and electrical parts are checked by high-standard testing equipment to ensure that each and every productleaves the factory completely fault-free. Speed, flexibility and efficiency are crucial factors for us. Our fully integrated production processes make it possible for us to tailor the scope to your needs and very quickly adjust the flow accordingly. In addition, we build complete systems for you - regardless of whether it is a single piece or large scale series.

Except for maximum flexibility and high manufacturing quality, Amco’s primary concern is environmental responsibility. We believe that all our production processes and final products should reflect our consideration for environmental awareness, and thus are strongly committed to eco-friendly materials and energy saving procedures.